Easy Notes

Easy Notes is a highly successful approach to teaching the beginner piano student how to read the music notes and the corresponding note position on the piano will revolutionise the traditional student-teacher relationship. How many beginner students do you have that can’t wait to hear another story? While making it fun you are actually teaching them the essentials of note reading. Give your approach a make-over. It just takes 5 minutes per lesson. Expect to be amazed!

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Your Feedback

We would like to thank so many of you for the feedback that you have sent to us. The little anecdotes and stories that you relay to us give us great pleasure as it confirms that children really can learn the notes easily in a way that is fun, entertaining and engaging.

Sydney, Australia

I am so, so glad I am using your fantastic method! Kids are reading so much faster and I even use the character association with older students when they get a little forgetful! They giggle which usually means they will remember better!

Palmerston, Ontario

Hi Rebecca! I would like to order your Level 2 book. I used Book 1 with one of my daughters and she loved it….I am “sold” on your method – so much easier than the traditional way! I just regret that I didn’t take time to teach her with it sooner..


I have a six year old girl/pupil who always (quite impatiently) keeps asking ‘Can we do the magnet board now?’ ’Have you remembered we haven’t done the magnet board yet?’ And when I say okay let’s do it …………………… exclamations of glee including ‘okay cool’ ‘yippee’ ‘ oooooooohhhhhhhhhh I just LOVE IT!!