Monday 12 July

It’s the first day of my trip to the South Island promoting Easy Notes. My sister has come along to keep me company and help me out, and we have had a great day today! It’s the middle of winter, but we woke up to a glorious sunny day in Christchurch. Nearly slipped on the frost on the way to the car, but then we were off to our first teacher gathering at 10.00am, in association with CJ’s Music Works in Christchurch.  The presentation went well, with an interesting discussion time afterwards, and all the teachers bought an Easy Notes Magnetic Stave set to try.

I met some awesome teachers. Some of them seem to be so busy, providing fantastic music programmes for kids in schools. It was really impressive to hear what they do.

Easy Notes presentation to music teachers in Christchurch.

Over a Devonshire morning tea, there was more discussion about teaching kids to read music. One teacher said that when she learned the piano she had no trouble learning the notes, so, now that she’s a teacher, it’s hard for her to understand why her pupils often find it so difficult. It reminded me of when I had pupils that struggled to read the notes. It was like there was something missing – something they needed to help them get to the ability to easily read music. That’s what Easy Notes does – gives every pupil that ability. It’s just so easy now. No more struggling note readers. Aaah, what a relief!

After packing up our ‘travelling road show’ we went to Sedley Wells Music Works, another music shop in Christchurch. It was really nice to meet them there – they’re a great couple, running a small but busy music shop on very busy Riccarton Road. They think that Easy Notes is a really good product, and as well as selling it to teachers, they are finding it’s popular with parents whose children are beginning to learn piano or keyboard, and are selling a lot that way.

By 1pm we were ready to leave sunny Christchurch and travel south to Timaru. My sister and I, a bit “technologically challenged”, have had a morning of tension and rising blood pressure trying to figure out how to use the GPS! At one point my sister inadvertently managed to get it speaking French! Don’t know if that was better or worse than it constantly telling us in English to take immediate U-turns! Anyway, we seem to have made an uneasy truce with it for now, and we’ll give it one more chance – to see if it can lead us out of Christchurch and get us to Timaru!

Love a road trip – especially when you get to explore new places. Let’s go!

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