Monday 12 July

In the afternoon we got on the road to drive down to Timaru.  What a glorious day!  The sun was shining, and the scenery was beautiful.  The snow-clad Southern Alps were like our constant companions as we made our way south through the Canterbury Plains.  And slowly but surely, the GPS was gaining our confidence, turning from French-speaking foe to, aaahh, English-speaking helpful friend.  These things are not bad inventions…

As soon as we arrived in Timaru we fell in love with the place!  There’s so much character in the town – so many lovely old houses and shops.  I love all the old stone buildings.

At 4pm we rolled up to Newmans Music Works and I finally got to meet the couple who run the shop, after just knowing them through phone-conversations.

At 5pm we had an Easy Notes presentation, with a great turn-out of teachers for a small town.  Once again, the interest in Easy Notes was good, with most of the teachers buying a Magnetic Stave set to try. Met more great music teachers, some teaching privately, some running music programmes in schools.  And again, more discussion was had about the difficulty there often is in teaching beginners the notes.  I hope they enjoy how Easy Notes makes it so easy.  I asked them to send me feedback once they have been using Easy Notes for a while.  Maybe I could post the feedback in some blogs.

At 6.30pm we packed up the road show again and headed out into a cold Timaru night. Off to stay with a friend who has a hot dinner by a roaring fire ready for us – aahh, a glorious way to end the day of a travelling salesman!

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