Tuesday 13th July

No need to get up early today, we have all day to get to Dunedin for a presentation tomorrow morning. Another BEAUTIFUL day to explore this beautiful island! We looked around Timaru before we got back on the road south, and by lunch time we were in Oamaru. Loved the Victorian stone buildings in the historic quarter. Had lunch in the 125-year old Woolstore Cafe, and afterwards spotted an appropriately dressed local – had to get a pic!

Arrived in Dunedin mid afternoon, with time to see lots of beautiful views! It’s my first time here, and I really like this town! Most of the town is built on hills, and everywhere are gorgeous views – out to sea, or out to the harbour, with hills surrounding the city. An inch-thick pile of maps has been chucked in the boot and we are now enjoying the GPS leading us around while we can just drive and enjoy the great scenery.

 Before I came on this trip I was worried that it might snow, and roads might be closed etc. Instead, there’s been nothing but bright sunshine all the way, and I even saw surfers – in Dunedin in the middle of winter! There were even people walking past me in t-shirts when I took this picture.

Walked up to the top of Baldwin Street, the steepest street in the world. What an energising walk to do!  My sister did it in heels – had to admire her for that! On the way, someone hurtled past in their car (that’s the only way to drive up that street), got out at the top and started yelling, “Come on, Milo!” I wondered ‘what on earth..?’, until a big black dog sprinted past me up the street – Ooohh, so that’s ‘Milo’, and that’s how his owner gets out of walking the dog … clever!

Wednesday 14th July – Up early again to get ready for another presentation – 10.00am at Beggs Music Works in Dunedin. A great atmosphere there, with lots of music teachers turning up, and much positive interest in Easy Notes. I met someone there who played the piano for ‘Play School’, a kids’ TV show which I LOVED when I was a preschooler! I remember sitting in front of the TV waiting for my mum to turn it on so I could watch my favourite show. It was awesome to meet this person whose face I never saw on TV, but whose piano playing I must have spent hours listening to! He was really positive about Easy Notes, which meant a lot to me.

Met more great music teachers and really enjoyed talking to them. A few mentioned the IRMT conference coming up in January 2011, which is to be held in Dunedin. Mmmm, maybe I might see about having an Easy Notes display there – that would be a great reason to come back to this lovely city and see it in the summer. I’d enjoy that.

In the afternoon I had time for a trip to Larnach Castle, which I really loved! What a great historic place for New Zealand to have. Flew out of Dunedin at 7pm. Bye, South Island! One more presentation to do – in the capital.



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