Thursday15th July

Here I am in Wellington for the last of my string of presentations, at Mainline Music Works in the Wellington CBD.  It’s still gloriously sunny, and the capital is without a breath of wind.

The presentation went like all the others, good, with the teachers interested in the products.  Had a nice chat with two Suzuki teachers afterwards over morning tea, both of whom were keen to give Easy Notes a try.

All the staff of the shop seemed to be young guys, and I must say, really friendly and polite, and keen to see how Easy Notes works so they can present it to other people. 

I thanked them for the way they had Easy Notes prominently displayed up on the wall above the theory books. They said they put it there because it’s a new product, so it gives it a chance to get known, and because it’s big and doesn’t fit in the shelves with the other books!  I have the Magnetic Stave to thank for getting us that good position!

Finished off the trip with lunch at a cafe and a beautiful walk along the waterfront.

It’s been an awesome four days, giving four Easy Notes presentations, meeting great people – the music teachers, and the staff of five Music Works shops – ‘bonding’ with my sister, staying with friends, and seeing the beautiful South Island, and the capital, all under never-failing sunshine and blue skies. 

I’m proud to be telling people about Easy Notes, and even more when they come back and tell me how much it’s helping their pupils. I hope all the teachers who bought Easy Notes products in Christchurch, Timaru, Dunedin, and Wellington find them enjoyable to use, and effective in helping their pupils learn to read music!

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  1. I am enjoying your blogs Rebecca. And well done in creating Easy Notes. It fills a huge gap in the learning process and makes note reading “easy”.

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