Last week I had a piano lesson with Pam, an 8-year old girl, during the school […]
Yesterday I got a great email from a teacher who bought a Magnetic Stave and Characters set […]
The first update on the progress on three beginner piano pupils who are using the Easy Notes theory books.
I was up early last Saturday with a big day ahead – two Easy Notes presentations […]
Meet three beginner piano pupils and find out where they are at and how well they know the notes after a few months of piano lessons.
an 82-year old sheds some light on the way we music teachers have been teaching beginners - for so, so long!
“The brain remembers more when learning is fun” - this is certainly true when teaching the music notes to beginner musicians!
That’s what I love about Easy Notes – it teaches what they need to know in advance, in anticipation, so that by the time they get to each new learning stage in their piano book, they have already been prepared for it ...
Easy Notes has been out in the public arena for three months now, and I’m starting […]
Last week I launched Easy Notes in my home town of Hamilton, in a shop I […]