Stories and other associations can be such a help when you are trying to learn or […]
Not only does time fly when you’re having fun, but an atmosphere of fun can also […]
I’ve been reading a lot about motivation lately, and have found seven ‘keys’ to motivation.  When […]
It’s wonderful when you’re teaching a child who is motivated to learn; it’s almost as if […]
 A few weeks ago I spent the weekend at a local show, with a stand promoting […]
Hi everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a blog, but I’ve decided to […]
It’s coming up to the end of the first year that Easy Notes has been in the […]
Here is some more feedback I have recently received from teachers who are using Easy Notes. Easy Notes […]
Here is some more feedback from teachers who are using Easy Notes. I have been really impressed with your […]
Here are some more comments from teachers about how they are finding using Easy Notes. I […]