Janine  – 8 years old

Lesson 16 – Janine sight-reads incredibly effortlessly, even hands together.  She can name her 18 flashcards 29 seconds, so is in the “Gold” section of the One Minute Club.  She’s up to the Alfreds song,’Happy Birthday’ in Level 1B.

Melanie  – She is only 6 years old!

Lesson 22 – I found out recently that she’s only 6 – she doesn’t turn 7 for 3 months yet!  Because she’s doing so well, I assumed that she was older.  She handles everything so easily, sight-reads new pieces easily, and is very solid in her understanding.  She can name her 18 flashcards in 41 seconds, so is in the “Silver” section of the “One Minute Club”.  She’s up to ‘Horse Sense’, the last song in Alfreds Level 1A.

Julie – 7 years old

Lesson 22 –  She’s got the note knowledge there, which is helping her to progress nicely, and, again, is able to sight-read her new songs hands together.  She can name her flashcards in 41 sec, so is also in “silver”.  Up to ‘Indians’ in Alfreds Level 1A.

This is the last report I will give on these three beginners, showing their progression in the first half a year’s tuition.  I credit Easy Notes with their ability to instantly recognise the notes on the stave (they will learn the ledger-line notes in the second half of the year), which makes sight-reading new pieces easy, and progression easy.  This has resulted in three keen pupils who love music, love music lessons, and whose mothers tell me that they love playing the piano at home. 

Pardon me, but I just have to say – I love using Easy Notes!

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