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Theory Books


The Easy Notes theory books teach the notes on the piano keyboard and on the stave to beginners in their first year of tuition, right from the first lesson. The notes are taught using characters and stories that link to each note’s position on the keyboard and on the stave. This leads to the ability to instantly recognise four octaves of notes. The stories are fun to teach and kids love them. They spark the imagination, turning ‘boring’ notes into loveable characters and personalities.

  • 68 pages of theory packed with stories, pictures and exercises.
  • The books systematically teach four octaves of notes in the treble and bass.
  • Level 1 teaches the C position and G position notes.
  • Level 2 teaches the middle C position and high G position notes, plus the upper and lower ledger lines.



The theory books include a center section containing tear-out flashcards. They are laid out in the order that the notes are taught so that they can be torn out one by one as the child learns the notes. The flashcards can be used in the lesson and at home. Easy Notes Level 1 contains 19 flashcards; Level 2 has 12.


Magnetic Stave and Characters Set

Magnetic Stave and Characters Set


The Magnetic Stave and Characters set has been developed to be used in conjunction with the Easy Notes theory books. The round character magnets relate to the stories in the theory books, and can be placed on the magnetic stave and on the keys of the piano. The large magnets set the scene for the treble and bass stories and characters.

The set includes:

  • Large magnetic stave whiteboard (approx. 400 x 600mm) which is lightweight and can be placed on the piano’s music stand, or on a free-standing music stand, or or can be hung (has an attached rope for hanging).
  • Whiteboard marker.
  • 12 coloured magnetic buttons.
  • 34 round character magnets relating to four octaves of notes.
  • 2 large magnets for treble and bass staves.
  • 12 ledger line magnets.
  • Teacher’s Handbook (see below) which explains how to use the magnets.
  • Set comes with an Easy Notes Level 1 theory book and an Easy Notes Level 2 theory book



  • Kids love handling the magnets.
  • The hands-on aspect of the magnets greatly enhances learning.
  • Teachers can use the magnets to test and confirm the student’s note knowledge.
  • Exercises with the magnets keep students busy while the teacher marks theory.


Teacher’s Handbook


The Teacher’s Handbook comes with the Magnetic Stave and Characters set. It explains how to use the Magnetic Stave and Characters in conjunction with the theory books. To help get you started, the Teacher’s Handbook gives suggestions for how to do this in the first five lessons. After that, many other ideas are given for exercises that can be used as you continue through the theory books.

  • Gives explanation of the magnets and their purpose.
  • Gives 29 examples of exercises using the character magnets and the blank magnets.
  • Exercises confirm and test note knowledge on the stave and keyboard.


Magnetic Stave

Magnetic Stave


  • Large magnetic stave whiteboard (approx. 400 x 600mm).
  • Comes with a whiteboard marker and 12 colourful magnetic buttons.
  • Can be placed on the piano’s music stand, or on a free-standing music stand.
  • Can be hung (has an attached rope for hanging).
  • Is lightweight.
  • A versatile teaching tool.


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