Monday 12 July It’s the first day of my trip to the South Island promoting Easy […]
A few months ago I wrote a post about the One Minute Club, and have been meaning […]
Janine  – 8 years old Lesson 16 – Janine sight-reads incredibly effortlessly, even hands together.  She can […]
“I have 2 students using EasyNotes now and am amazed by the first one who started […]
Age: 7 years Up to: Half way through Easy Notes Level 2 This boy asked me […]
Last week I had a piano lesson with Pam, an 8-year old girl, during the school […]
Yesterday I got a great email from a teacher who bought a Magnetic Stave and Characters set […]
The first update on the progress on three beginner piano pupils who are using the Easy Notes theory books.
I was up early last Saturday with a big day ahead – two Easy Notes presentations […]
Meet three beginner piano pupils and find out where they are at and how well they know the notes after a few months of piano lessons.