Kids’ Feedback

Sometimes we receive feedback about what children have said about Easy Notes. So here is some of it! If you would like to add further feedback please post it as a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks.
I like learning more notes. I like the stories ’cause they’re cool stories.
Catarina, 7
I like putting the magnets on the board. I like shooting Football F into the goal and giving Cat C some whiskers.
Malachi, 5
They have cool little stories that help me to know the notes in my music. The notes in my theory book help me to play the notes in my piano book.
Georgia, 7
Whenever I see notes in music I just know straight away what they are.
Anesu, 9
The notes get given names and that makes it easier to learn them. I like doing the theory because it helps me to know the notes instantly.
Jessica, 8
I like getting a sticker when I do my theory.
Lyrik, 6
I think it’s cool because it helps me to learn the notes. I like putting the magnets on the board and I like the pictures on them because if they were plain it wouldn’t be fun.
Sophie, 7
It’s a fun easy way to learn the notes.
Jasmine, 9
I like music with granny. This holiday time Laura stays at granny’s house with me and we had lots of fun with the board and geting the little round pictures on the right bits. We made a competition with it and I won. We both had fun and now I know more notes for music.
Edana, 7
You explain music a kid’s way.
Joel, 8
I like doing the Easy Notes book.
Cullen, 7
It’s creative and it’s fun. It makes learning fun.
Naomi, 10
It makes it easy to remember the notes and that really helps when I play songs on the piano.
John, 11
I like the magnets with the pictures. They’re cute.
Sarah, 11
The kids love it. We never had Dog D and Cat C when I learned the piano.
Claire (a Mum)
I wish I’d learned the piano this way when I was a kid – I might have stuck with it for longer!
Peter (an adult)

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