Meet Girl G

  Hi, I’m Girl G. I live in Treble Stave Street. I always like to put my hair into two pigtails, that way people can always find me on the second line. Get it? Two lines, two pigtails … thats me!         I love animals, and not just cats and dogs, but ALL animals. My Mum and Dad let me have unusual pets. That’s how I get to have a pet elephant and a pet frog. As long as they don’t come in the house, Mum and Dad are fine with it!       My house is a pink house – you can find it easily on Treble Stave Street. Next door there’s a blue house, where Boy B lives. He’s OK, most of the time we get on.         One time though I was really annoyed with him because he got it into his head to try and take my pet frog when I wasn’t around! Guess he thought I wouldn’t miss the little guy – I don’t know.         Anyway, my frog was really clever and hid under a lily pad. Boy B couldn’t find him, and he spent ages looking!     When I got home and saw what was going on I got really mad at Boy B and started throwing apples at him. I found out that day that I’m better at throwing than I thought I was! Poor Boy B (but he did deserve it!).     Eventually he said sorry and we made up, and now we get on well. Some days we get together with our pets after school. Boy B’s pets are Cat C and Dog D, and mine are Elephant E and Frog F.         You should come and visit sometime. When you learn the notes with Easy Notes you’ll get to know us really well. Easy Notes is a lot of fun, and it will help with your piano lessons because we’ll help you to play your music. And if it’s going to make your piano teacher happy, it’s got to be good, right? So see you then, OK!!