Here are some more comments from teachers about how they are finding using Easy Notes.

I have a six year old girl/pupil who always (quite impatiently) keeps asking ‘Can we do the magnet board now?’  ‘Have you remembered we haven’t done the magnet board yet?’  And when I say okay let’s do it …………………… exclamations of glee including ‘okay cool’ ‘yippee’  ‘ oooooooohhhhhhhhhh I just LOVE IT!!’


I have been using the Easy Notes books and the children love them.  They are learning the notes more easily as predicted and even the parents are learning and showing great enthusiasm.

We love the stories.  My greenies are not so keen on Dad spraying the bugs but hey it is real life!!

Thank you, Rebecca, for dreaming up such a valuable resource.


I have been using your Easy Notes board and books with my classes of music basics students who are five and six years old. They have learnt the notes both on the stave and the keyboard extremely fast. They love the stories and often ask for more. I also teach a few weeks of recorder and violin to them and being able to read the notes on the stave quickly and reliably made learning more fun for them, and teaching easier for me. I will definitely be continuing to use Easy Notes with all my beginners.

Many thanks for a great resource.


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