Here is some more feedback from teachers who are using Easy Notes.

I have been really impressed with your books and magnetic board and magnets.  I have had all positive comments from parents and children.  Even older children wanted to do it to improve their note reading.  They have too.   The children all think it’s fun especially the magnetic board and magnets.   Some of the children love to get me to test them with the flashcards. They too are excellent especially the second side with the clues.

Also I have a 21 year old autistic girl who cannot read or read music who I am beginning to use this course with and she likes it.  She has up to now played by ear and by copying what I do.  We just use the board and magnets.

Parents have told other parents about the books encouraging them to buy them.   I will do it with all my new piano students.  Even some of my classical guitar students who are about to start theory and music reading I may use this course with as it is a fun way of introducing the notes.

I highly recommend this course and encourage you to go world wide as it is excellent and so helpful for students to learn their notes.


I have enjoyed using your Easy Notes books.  My 6yr old girls really love the magnets and look forward to their lessons, such a change in teaching style for me and most productive – at last the girls are learning. Yea!


The pupils that I have been using Easy Notes with absolutely love using the books and the magnet board.  I have been really pleased with how using them has helped especially the younger ones with their grasp on where the notes are on the keyboard and on the stave.  It has been a breakthrough for one of my pupils!


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  1. Thanks Robyn. Yes, if my pupils don’t do their theory, then I get them to do one or two lines of it with me in the lesson – hoping that will jog their memory to do it at home the next week! I figure that it’s still good note revision, and tell them that if they finish the pages at home then we’ll have time to play with the magnets next lesson. Most of the time it works!

  2. I have three students using Easy notes – one was so enthusiastic, she raced through the rest of Book One in the last holidays! My main problem is time! as sometimes the students forget to do their homework, so we do that, then there’s little time for me to use the magnetic board or do other exciting stuff. But it’s a great resource and the students enjoy their lessons more.

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