Here is some more feedback I have recently received from teachers who are using Easy Notes.

Easy Notes has been extremely effective in helping students learn the names of the notes.  They are instantly able to recognize the notes they have learned so far.  Progression develops steadily each music session.

The character association has helped students easily recall the names of the notes.  Although I have not kept strictly to the ‘story’ it becomes an activity of learning and fun.  It has taken the chore and slog out of theory.  The kinaesthetic approach to the learning of notes of the staff has become a valuable tool to learning theory of music at this beginning level.

It has been easy for me to use – the magnet board, magnets and characters are kept out for daily use. Not too cumbersome and very user friendly.


I have been using Easy Notes this year with all of my students at school from Year 1 – Year 8 and keeping a check on where everyone is up to. They all absolutely adore the books and stories and use the names of the notes to work them all out on the keyboard. It has definitely helped their keyboard geography.


The set I purchased from your Dunedin visit is very popular with my grandchildren. At 4 ½ and 6 years of age, and of course “very musical” (says their proud Granny) the magnetic board and notes was a great follow up from the piano lessons they always get when they come to visit.  Your storybook idea worked well and it was used in conjunction with reading from a more “traditional” tutor book.  The two didn’t conflict and they loved the idea of finding the boy and the girl and their pets and apple trees on the piano. I also know that a colleague has used her set for group teaching at a Rudolf Steiner school, and tells me her young pupils found it great fun.


I have only been using the Easy Notes system this term (2 weeks) but can already see some improvement in my students’ note recognition. They seem to really enjoy this different way of learning AND an unexpected bonus is that I have found that the lesson is more enjoyable for me – certainly much less frustrating! Thankyou Rebecca!


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