It’s coming up to the end of the first year that Easy Notes has been in the New Zealand market, so I asked teachers to write in about how they are finding it.  This is the last of five blogs in which I’ve posted their comments.  Here’s what they’re saying:

I have used Easy Notes with some of my younger students to revise note-reading, and it is an instant success!  I also recently gave it to a very musical 15 yr old, who got 91% for a Trinity Gr 5 Piano exam, but somehow still has trouble with bass note recognition, despite my continued efforts.  I then mentioned that I have a new system designed for young students and we had a lot of fun introducing the lower bass cleff notes your way!  He even suggested calling the note below the lowest C, “Bottom B” – his own contribution.  So your system is working!


I have used the magnetic board and the magnets a great deal at Palmerston North Saturday music. I teach music basics.  I have a lot of 4 and 5 year olds.  It has been a brilliant resource.


Thought you’d be interested to know a fairly new beginner 16 yr old is benefiting most from Easy Notes at the moment!


I have found that my beginner students have picked up reading of the notes so much better being able to associate the notes with pictures.  The 1st student that I used Easy Notes with did the One Minute Club in 44 secs 1st try.


The magnet board and books are going well. The children I teach in a variety of ages are enjoying using the magnets and learning the note names. I have always enjoyed teaching using flashcards and different props so this is another great tool to use.   Its heaps of fun, kids love the magnets – I teach individuals and groups and it’s very successful.  I will spread the word to other Teachers about the system.


I have always been a fan of flashcards and now that I have Easy Notes it has made this part of my teaching fun and exciting for my pupils.  My pupils absolutely love them and so do I.  They really do work.


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