It’s nearly the end of Easy Notes’ first year of being out in public, and I’ve just finished another round of Easy Notes presentations, travelling to Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Auckland and Tauranga.  It was great meeting more teachers who are keen to try Easy Notes.

In September I ran a book giveaway, with five Easy Notes theory books up for grabs for teachers who wrote in with feedback on how they are finding using Easy Notes.  The feedback was so great, so I couldn’t resist asking the teachers if I could publish it!  They gave me the go-ahead, so I’m going to use a few blogs to share what they’re saying:

“I would like to say how much I have enjoyed using Easy Notes Books 1&2 with a young student this year.

What I found most interesting was the enthusiastic approach by the student to using the books and the magnetic characters used on the board.

The stories are fun and something tactile to do relating to theory is creative.  I have found the books easy to work with, with plenty of revision, and the flash cards are very useful for parents to use at home for note learning.

The stories contribute to making the theory-time a happy occasion.  The anticipation to find out what the next new note is becomes encouraging for the student.

I also encourage the use of the characters names when working at the piano both in the music and keyboard.  I find it a very successful method of teaching notation.

Well done, it is a very creative and fun way to teach theory.”


“The concept is GREAT and I as well as the students are enjoying the learning process.  The white board is so colourful and exciting and makes it all such fun.”


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